specializes in supplying individuals with a wide variety of niche fragrance vials for $15/month. Every month our members receive three surprise vials selected for them, as well as free shipping and 10% off any full size bottle.

What is a Vial?

A vial is a fragrance in vial form that is used to advertise, and market the fragrance. Vials are usually attached to cards that give information about the fragrance. The information that is usually given on the vial cards, depending on the vial, are the name, the fragrance notes, the ingredients, when the release date is expected to be, the size, the concentration, the innovation behind it, etc.

Vial Notice: Vials are never filled 100% by the manufacturer due to laws on transport of liquids that contain alcohol. They are filled 3/4 of the tube.

Product Authenticity Guarantee: We guarantee that all our products showcased on our website are 100% authentic brand name vials. We DO NOT sell any imitations or knock-offs.